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Therapy & Counseling

Our clinicians create your therapy program based on your specific history, goals, and needs.

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Case Management Services

Case Managers assist with your needs including SSDI, housing, transportation, food, and child care.

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Medication Management

Our psychiatrists work with you to find the best medication management program for your needs.

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Medication Assisted Treatment

KMHC offers Suboxone treatment and other MATs to help you battle your addictions. 

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TeleHealth Online Services

In times of crisis and uncertainty, TeleHealth services ensure you always receive the help you need. 

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Group Therapies

KMHC offers IOP, group therapy, court-ordered groups, family therapy, DUI, and more. 

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Licenses & Certificates

All clinicians and providers at Kentucky Mental Health Care are licensed and certified based on state regulations


Psychiatrist Services near you in Louisville

The focus of psychiatry is on the diagnosis and treatment of mental, emotional and behavioral disorders. As qualified physicians, psychiatrists can perform a range of medical and psychological tests, prescribe medication, and provide psychotherapy, according to a patient’s physical and mental state. 

Some of the psychiatric disorders identified by modern medicine include – severe depression, bipolar disorders, eating disorders, addictive behaviors, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), schizophrenia, and anxiety disorders. Symptoms of these disorders can comprise of, confusion, restlessness, sadness, nervousness, social withdrawal, tiredness, insomnia, mood swings, worry or guilt. 

If you believe that you or a loved one are experiencing any of these symptoms, don’t worry. Psychiatric disorders are diagnosable, and in turn, treatable. Here at Kentucky Mental Health Care, Louisville KY, psychiatric treatment processes can encompass different types of psychotherapy, medication management, group therapy, and other treatments, depending on the needs and condition of the patient.

At KMHC, we have some of the best psychiatrists in Louisville, KY. So, whether you need a child psychiatrist or you are looking for integrative psychiatry treatment or just need somebody to help you with your problems, you can seek an appointment with one of our experienced psychiatrists at Kentucky Mental Health Care, Louisville.

Psychologist Services near you in Louisville

Psychology involves the scientific study of the mind and behavior. Psychotherapy, in contrast, examines human thoughts, emotions, and behaviors to improve a person’s well-being and mental health. Contrary to psychiatrists, psychologists do not prescribe medication or drugs, but they can help with a multitude of mental disorders through therapy and counseling.

Hence, psychologists are more likely to treat people with conditions that can be effectively treated with psychological treatments. These conditions can be behavioral problems, learning difficulties, Intellectual disability, global developmental delay, communication disorders, Autism spectrum disorder, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, social anxiety and a variety of phobias. Clinical psychologists are specifically trained to diagnose and treat mental illness.

Here, at Kentucky Mental Health Care, Louisville KY, our seasoned mental health professionals, including child psychologists, clinical psychologists and counselors  are ready to help patients diagnose and treat their psychological disorders. We implement evidence-based practices to evaluate and encourage our patients. We also provide support groups, parenting classes, individual as well as group therapy to help our patients in their recovery.

So, if you or a family member is facing problems due to psychological disorders and searching for a qualified psychologist in Louisville, KY, feel free to set up an appointment with us.

Counseling Services in Louisville, Kentucky

As humans, we try to live our lives as best as we can. However, this does not mean that we do not face challenges along the way. Sometimes we may need support to deal with these challenges.

At Kentucky Mental Health Care, Louisville, we provide individual, group, marriage, family, and couples counseling for both adults and children. If you or your family needs counseling in Louisville, KY, you can drop into our office and seek the treatment you need before it’s too late. So, whether you are suffering from clinical depression, anxiety or facing complications in your relationships, we provide a variety of treatments for your mental and social well being.

 Our multi-disciplinary team of competent psychiatrists, psychologists, mental health counselors, and case managers have been trained to provide individualized care based on your immediate and ongoing needs. Whether your need is for mental health counseling, marriage counseling, or a court order treatment, we provide temporary as well as long-term support.

Alcohol Rehabilitation & Treatment

Alcohol addiction is a problem anyone can face at any point in their lives. This, however, does not mean that it is incurable.

Any kind of addiction needs to be addressed quickly. Delayed or improper treatment could lead to life-long health complications or may even prove fatal. Hence, treatment should be provided to ensure rapid recovery. Alcohol treatment can be a long and difficult process. For this, at Kentucky Mental Health Care (KMHC), we have some of the best doctors and psychiatrists in the country to make the process easier for you.

 Here at KMHC, we offer outpatient alcohol rehab facilities at our alcohol treatment center at Louisville, KY. We also offer group therapy sessions, for which, we provide free transportation* to appointments. Moreover, we accept Medicaid and a host of other commercial insurance.

So, if you are worried about your alcohol dependence or that of a loved one, we at Kentucky Mental Health Care are there to assist and support you. With decades of experience in alcohol addiction treatment, our psychiatrists rely on proven methodologies to help you in your road to

Drug Rehabilitation & Treatment Centers

Drug abuse is a complex condition that requires proper medical and mental assistance. Substance abuse can be induced by stress, anxiety, depression, and an array of other social and psychological issues. 

Diagnosis and treatment of drug abuse include timely admissions to a drug rehab center near you and undergoing treatment along with counseling from trained professionals.

Drug rehabilitation is an integral process in ensuring that current and former drug users receive continued medical support to prevent relapse. Negligence of symptoms and patient distress in addiction can lead to critical consequences.

Here at Kentucky Mental Health Care, we provide outpatient drug rehab for anyone seeking medical help at Louisville, KY. Whether you need help to combat illegal narcotics, prescription drugs, marijuana, and other abusive substances, we at Kentucky Mental Health Care are here to ensure your rehabilitation. Our treatment includes individual as well as group therapy sessions and counseling for all age groups.

At KMHC, you can be assured that our team at the drug treatment center will provide the care and attention you need. This will ensure full recovery and proper assimilation into your daily life.

DUI Classes in Louisville, Kentucky

DUI or Driving Under the Influence is an offense punishable by law if the participant is found guilty of driving while intoxicated. DUI is extremely dangerous and can be life-threatening to not only the driver but also for passengers, pedestrians and can also cause damage to physical property.

DUI classes are provided for the rehabilitation of DUI offenders, commonly under court order. The objectives of the DUI program is to reduce repetition of DUI offenses and to provide participants an opportunity to address problems related to abuse of alcohol, drugs and other intoxicants.

 Kentucky Mental Health Care provides one of the best DUI classes in Louisville, KY. The classes are conducted in-person and designed to include group counseling to encourage discussions and create awareness of the consequences of drunk driving. Our instructors are well equipped to guide the participants in understanding all regulatory norms and Kentucky State laws.

Mental Health Doctors in Louisville KY

Mental health problems and some of its symptoms such as feelings of distress, fear, nervousness,  depression, anxiety, etc. can have lasting traumatic effects on individuals. Experiencing mental health problems is often disconcerting and confusing. However, it is important to understand that it is a natural human ailment and it is treatable. People suffering from mental health problems should be encouraged to talk about it and seek help as soon as possible.

At Kentucky Mental Health Care, Louisville, KY, we strive to offer the best mental health services, including therapy programs and classes for both adults and children with mental illness. Proper treatment can ease symptoms, hinder long-term difficulties, and allow people to grow and enjoy a better quality of life. Early diagnosis of problems and their treatment can also effectively prevent conditions linked with mental health conditions such as substance abuse.

 At Kentucky Mental Health Care, we care about your mental health and we want you to understand that this is not your fault. Here, you will have full access to some of the best  mental health doctors and therapists in Louisville. Through our mental health facility, we hope to make sure that you’re back on your “mental” feet in no time.

Rehabilitation Centers & Facilities

All forms of addiction and abuse are very difficult to curb, despite the knowledge that it is inducing both psychological and physical damage. Addiction need not only refer to drugs and alcohol dependency, but it can also mean taking part in activities such as gambling. Such forms of addiction are also known as behavioral addiction.

Addiction can cause problems not just to the individual’s physical health, but also cause mental impairment. Besides the addict, it also causes immense pain to the near and dear ones of the addict. And, not only does it cause emotional conflict within a household, but it can also be financially draining. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to seek prompt treatment and rehabilitation.   

At our rehabilitation center in Louisville, KY, we have an extensive group of people who understands the pain you’re going through. By joining our rehab program, you will gain access to our extraordinary team, who will study the underlying causes of your addiction problems to understand you and how to best help you.

Our outpatient rehab facility at Louisville is well-equipped to help every client overcome their addictions. Our rehabilitation programs are also designed to prevent relapse of the patient.

Substance Abuse Treatments

Substance abuse refers to the hazardous use of alcohol, prescription medicine, and illicit drugs. Such abuse of psychoactive substance use may lead to dependence syndrome, that includes a strong desire to consume the given drug, leading to increased tolerance and addiction, which can eventually adversely impact one’s health and well being.

Substance abuse is different from addiction in the sense that people with substance abuse problems can quit or change their unhealthy behavior if they wanted. Addiction, on the other hand, is a disease far more complicated and problematic to withdraw from. 

Through research, we now have a better understanding of substance abuse and are discovering effective treatments for and prevention of substance dependence.

Kentucky Mental Health Care offers outpatient substance abuse treatment facilities at Louisville, KY. We comprehend the necessary measures needed to treat substance abuse to prevent further aggravation.

Anyone who wants early access to substance abuse treatment in Louisville can contact us or seek an appointment with our doctors. We are ready to help you lead a healthier lifestyle.

Therapists in Louisville KY

For a lot of people, the decision to begin therapy can be difficult. Some find it hard to admit the vulnerability of their mental state, while others fear the thought of potentially opening up to a stranger. These thoughts are, nevertheless, normal; especially for people with depression, anxiety, or other mental health problems.

One needs to understand that mental and emotional problems have multiple causes, and although therapy can be time-consuming and challenging, it can provide long-lasting benefits.

Besides, therapy is not only for people diagnosed with mental health issues. Many other people seek therapy for concerns such as relationship problems, work stress, divorce,  confidence issues and many more. 

Regardless of the type of therapy you need, child therapy, couples therapy, cognitive therapy, or behavioral therapy, our experienced mental health care professionals are there to guide, assist, and counsel you.

At Kentucky Mental Health Care, we seek to provide the best possible care and treatment. Our entire team, along with our able therapists, are committed to this end.

PTSD and Case Management

Kentucky Mental Health Care provides a host of services to ensure the best experience for our patients. We shall help you safeguard your mental and physical wellness.

We treat clients suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD, a condition that arises following a traumatic experience or witnessed a life-threatening situation. These events can include natural disasters, war, physical abuse, sexual assault, or an accident. Such incidents can leave a patient feeling distressed, intense fear, helplessness, anger, shame or guilt.

However, PTSD is treatable and it is crucial to a person’s complete recovery from such experiences. At KMHC, we provide psychotherapy including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), medication management therapy as well as support groups.

At Kentucky Mental Health Care, Louisville, our services also include case management. This involves determining the health of a patient and planning their care in the most effective and economically feasible way for both the patient and their family.

We understand that seeking therapy and treatment can be difficult, especially for patients from low-income households or with inadequate insurance. For this purpose, we also help our patients apply for Medicaid and other public as well as commercial insurance programs. So, don’t worry if you still don’t have insurance, we can help you with that too.

For any kind of mental health problems, therapy, rehabilitation or addiction treatment in Louisville, KY, you can meet us at our office.


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