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I started Kentucky Mental Health Care in order to serve mental health clients who were tired of less-than-ideal services, extremely long wait-lists, and poor treatment.

At KMHC we offer a multitude of mental health services that allow for highly-detailed and individualized treatment plans — this ongoing attention-to-care and detail result in the most positive experience for our clients.

Whether you need psychiatry, therapy, medication assisted treatment, social assistance, IOP or a combination of any of those, we’re here for you.

At Kentucky Mental Health Care, we understand that you’re more than a diagnosis — you’re a human being, and we truly want to help you reach your highest potential, and the sense of balance & happiness you deserve.

Thank you for choosing and trusting KMHC — we look forward to meeting you along your journey.


Joseph Nalley

Joseph Nalley
Chief Executive Officer
Kentucky Mental Health

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