Along with operating and expanding our own business, we believe in full-transparency and the sharing of information; all of our endeavors spring from this place of camaraderie and a hope for interaction with others in our field. It is in this spirit that we are happy to accept clients from, and share clients with any organizations and practices in the state. We are also happy to share our resources, what has worked for us, and any other information that will help ensure that your clients are better served, and that your model is higher-functioning and more streamlined.

We are willing to give most of this information and partnership freely, but if you’re interested in your business being thoroughly assessed and remodeled from within, we offer a tiered system similar to our TCM Program Development model.

If you’re interested in a free consultation, please call or email today – we look forward to working together to serve the state’s mental health needs.

Joseph Nalley
CEO & Founder
Kentucky Mental Health Care, LLC

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