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A message from our CEO, Joseph Nalley:

I grew up in a multicultural household, and have seen firsthand the stigma regarding mental health care throughout the black community. This stigma oftentimes results in entire generations not seeking the same level of care available to others, and in turn, families and individuals alike aren’t reaching their full potential. In order to help connect with this underserved population, I have initiated the Black Mental Health Care (BMHC) program under the umbrella of my company, Kentucky Mental Health Care (KMHC). The purpose of this program is not to segregate care, but ideally, to offer an environment where nuanced problems, issues, and perspectives are easier to share, and in turn, easier to treat.

I have been lucky enough to partner with some of the best therapists and mental health professionals in Louisville in order to see this program take shape. I spoke at-length with these professionals and they have helped me design everything – the name, marketing material, and specific programs and services we offer all came from people who have a much deeper understanding than I ever could.

I appreciate the chance to operate a program such as this within our city, and I hope it comes across as a show of solidarity.



BMHC offers: Individual & Group Therapy, Psychiatry, Medication Management. Medically-Assisted Treatment, and Case Management – if you have questions about this program, please call (502) 233-3030.

We accept most forms of Kentucky Medicaid, and many commercial insurance plans – we also offer self-pay options.