Elite Counseling Program

While KMHC focuses on Medicaid clients, our two-person executive team still counsels private pay individuals in Kentucky and throughout the world.

We have a combined 33-years experience in psychological/philosophical research, entrepreneurship, program & curricula design, training & development, individual & business consulting, and related modalities and approaches. It is our purpose to help executives, innovators, thinkers, and dreamers reach their greatest potential — we assist by providing insight, motivation, direction, research, project design & development, marketing/PR/Communications, and more.

We also specialize in helping to build healthy relationships, recovery from crisis and trauma, addiction, self-esteem & identity issues, and religious/spiritual matters.

Methods used include, but are not limited to: CBT, humanistic psychology, psychodynamic psychotherapy, EMDR, guided meditation, behaviorism, DBT, and logic-based therapy.

Let one or both of us counsel you toward the end-goals you envision — whether they are personal, professional, spiritual, or beyond, we can help you exceed your loftiest goals and expectations.

Call today to set an appointment for a phone or Zoom interview with Joseph or Derrick, after which we can work together to further design your personalized development program, and move toward implementation & realization.

Hourly Rates: Starting @ $150

Monthly Retainer: Starting @ $1,000

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