Kentucky Cares

Kentucky Cares is our transitional housing program designed to help women struggling with addiction, mental health issues, domestic violence, poverty, homelessness, and reintegration into society after incarceration.

Our vision is to give a level of care and follow-through that far surpass what we’ve seen and experienced in the mental health and transitional housing fields; we want to give those most in-need the highest level of care, empathy, and continuity of services available.

This program offers housing, food, life-planning, mental health care (groups & individual), addiction treatment and medication management if needed. We will also employ (at no charge to residents) targeted case managers who will help design and implement goal-plans to assist with benefits acquisition (Medicaid, SNAP, child care, housing, etc.), and various other social and personal goals (e.g. employment, education, SSDI, transportation, and more).

If you’re interested in learning more, joining the program, helping with funding, etc., please reach out any time; here’s an informational flyer should you want to share it.

Joseph Nalley
CEO & Founder
Kentucky Mental Health Care, LLC

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