Medication Therapy Management

Depression has a destructive impact on the lives of billions of people each year. But, an adequately processed medication management program is capable of providing noticeable benefits for people fighting with these kinds of mental health illnesses.

From schizophrenia and anxiety to PTSD and insomnia, an appropriately administered medication therapy program can produce optimistic results and alleviate these behavioral health conditions.

For many mental health conditions, correctly prescribed medications are helpful.

Properly administered medication can eliminate or reduce mental health symptoms. A fact that can considerably improve a patient’s quality of life.

Kentucky Mental Health Care experienced psychiatrists understand that the effectiveness of medications varies from patient to patient. Our skilled mental health professionals know how to account for various factors, such as the patient’s medical history and medication plan.

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What is medication-assisted treatment?

At times, people will self-medicate with painkillers/medicines and other substances to resist the symptoms of a mental health condition. It is a risky attempt to engage in and can truly make things worse by generating a cycle of addiction.

It happens because, over time, self-medicating behavior can easily spiral into drug or substance abuse type behavior.

Proper medication therapy management is a significant aspect of successful outpatient treatment programs.

These programs consist of medical monitoring, reconciling medications, as well as ensuring that patients achieve beneficial outcomes from their treatments.

Patients need to understand any potential side effects and have a mental health professional to monitor the program’s efficacy and safety.

Medication management for patients and professionals.

Proficient medication management is not only for the patient but also for the assistance of caregivers and medical experts.

Kentucky mental health care professionals keep in record how and when their patients are taking medication. This vital information can help identify problematic behaviors of patients that may lead to an undesirable drug event like an overdose, under dose, and missing medication.

The medication counseling requires that patients bring in all of the medicines they take — both over the counter and prescribed ones. It includes injections, ointments, drops, and inhalers, as well as other non-oral treatments. A list will be compiled, and a schedule will be drafted by our medical professional or medical staff on when to take each of the treatments.

We are committed to improving and simplifying our medication therapy management to ensure their safety and availability.

With proven technologies, including automated medication storage, medication dispensing, and site-of-care verification, we are able to reduce your costs, improve patient safety throughout their journey and help clinicians provide the right care for their patients.

Medication adherence.

Having patients stick to prescribed treatments and therapies is crucial for a positive outcome. Patient’s medication non-adherence is a major healthcare issue across the nation. However, a valuable patient education program will enhance compliance.

Kentucky mental health care professionals identify practically possible strategies to improve medication adherence within the limits of their practice. The goal is to achieve a positive therapeutic outcome for the patient.

Why choose Kentucky mental health care?

Kentucky Mental Health Care is proud to provide behavioral and mtm services. We combine proven technology with business intelligence to avoid medication errors, free up clinicians to better focus on patient care, increase the predictability of medication availability, and reduce costs.

Well-structured and professionally guided medication management plans are one of the specialties at Kentucky Mental Health Care. Our psychiatry practice strives to meet the needs and concerns of their patients.

By forming a trusting partnership with patients, Kentucky Mental Health Care generates a comprehensive treatment plan that is customized to an individual’s needs.

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