Medication Management

Medication Management

Medication Management Therapy in Louisville, KY

Medications play a significant role in the treatment of psychiatric disorders. Kentucky Mental Health Care offers top-notch MTM or Medication Management Therapy with our highly-qualified doctors who ensure that patients are receiving the right medicines with correct dosages which are helping in reducing symptoms and preventing any relapse of psychiatric disorder.
With KMHC one-on-one MTM sessions, doctors assess the clinical conditions and get to the root of mental disorder with a series of discussions with the patients and also assess the medication they are currently taking and the kind of outcome it is providing. This personalized approach of KMHC helps doctors in designing the right treatment plan for patients which helps them recover soon from psychiatric disorders efficiently.

Why should you go for medication management therapy?

Proper Medications can help you avoid serious psychiatric disorders. However, it is also important that you are taking the right medications and dosages on time. The reason why Medication management Therapy helps set all your medication dosages right to help you recover from the ailments and avoid any further relapse in the future.
Here are a few reasons why you need MTM or Medication Management Therapy:
1. Avoid the danger of taking incorrect medications.
2. Improve patients meet their health goals efficiently.
3. Reduce side effects and duplication of medicines.
4. Reduce drug interactions patients might have.
5. Decrease hospital visits and medical costs due to incorrect dosing or neglecting medications.

Why Kentucky Mental Health Care?

Kentucky Mental Health Care is one of the top mental health service providers in Louisville. KY. We are the best for a lot of reasons and a few reasons why you should choose KMHC:
1. We accept Medicaid
2.Free roundtrip rides to the appointments 
3. Top Multi-speciality mental health provider in Louisville, KY
4. We work on Saturdays too  
5. Well experienced doctors
6. Offering services at 3 locations

Locations we Serve in Lousiville

We currently serve in the following locations:
Office 1: 5115 South 3rd Street Louisville, KY 40214
Office 2: 1939 Goldsmith Lane – Suite 249 Louisville, KY 40218
Office 3: 1939 Goldsmith Lane – Suite 143 Louisville, KY 40218