Medication Management

Medication Management

Medication Management Therapy 

Clearly, not everyone needs medication management, and overall, we are a conservative organization — with that being said, we know without a doubt that medications can play a significant role in the treatment of psychiatric and addiction disorders.

Kentucky Mental Health Care offers top-rated MTM (Medication Management Therapy) through our qualified, experienced doctors and nurses.

Our medical staff ensures that patients are receiving the right medicines in the correct dosages which help reduce symptoms and prevent relapse of many psychiatric disorders.

With KMHC’s one-on-one MTM sessions, doctors assess the patient’s history and clinical conditions, and get to the root of mental disorder(s) with a series of discussions and assessments.
Doctor’s also assess the medication individuals are currently taking (and/or have taken in the past), as well as the experience and opinion of each individual regarding the medication’s effectiveness.

This personalized, caring approach at KMHC helps doctors in designing the most effective, least invasive treatment plans for our patients.

Through ongoing monitoring, assessment, and discussion with the patient, treatment is more successful and outcomes more positive.

Why You Might Consider Medication Management Therapy

If necessary in your case, proper medication can oftentimes help you avoid serious symptoms of psychiatric disorders, and years of pain and struggle.

However, it is also important that you are taking the right medication(s) at the correct dosage(s), and on the correct schedule for your specific needs.

Here are a few reasons why you may benefit from Medication Management Therapy:
  • MMT can help you avoid the danger of taking incorrect medications/dosages.
  • MMT can help ensure patients meet their mental health goals quickly and efficiently.
  • Consultation with a qualified psychiatric medical professional can reduce side effects and duplication of medicines.
  • Decreased hospital visits and medical costs due to incorrect dosing or neglecting medications.

Why Kentucky Mental Health Care

Kentucky Mental Health Care is one of the top mental health service providers in Louisville. KY. We are the best for a lot of reasons and a few reasons why you should choose KMHC:
  • 48-hour max waitlist (this is unheard of in over 90% of service providers in the country)
  • We accept all forms of KY Medicaid (and most major commercial plans)
  • We employ a fully-licensed psychiatrist on our staff (as well as four psychiatric APRNs)
  • Free roundtrip rides to appointments (Medicaid clients only)
  • We provide Medically Assisted Treatment and other substance use treatment options
  • Weekend and afterhours appointments
  • We are a judgment-free facility — all we’re concerned with is helping you feel better and experience life at a higher level

Locations We Serve 

5115 South 3rd Street Louisville, KY 40214

1939 Goldsmith Lane – Suite 143 Louisville, KY 40218

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