SSDI Assistance Program

One of the most sought-after goals we encounter with our Medicaid clients at KMHC is getting SSDI pushed through in a way that is easy for the individual, but also of course, detailed and within legal regulations & requirements. With this in mind, we have created an attorney outreach program where we work for your office for free, in order to get your clients everything they need to ensure the best possible outcome for their case.

Let our Certified Targeted Case Managers take care of the minutia with no cost to your office, so that you can rest assured your paid employees are working on more pressing matters.

Some of the items we will take care of on your behalf:

  • SSDI Application Process
  • Medical Records Requests
  • Psychological & Psychiatric Assessments
  • Medical & Behavioral Health Referrals
  • Letters of Verification & Compliance
  • Medicaid Benefit Acquisition

We will also gladly appear in court on your client’s behalf at no charge.

Please reach out today with any questions or to make a referral

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