Therapy & Counseling

Therapy & Counseling

Psychiatric Therapy & Counseling in Louisville, KY

The way everyone cares about their physical health, it’s really important to also understand how important it is to take care of mental health. Kentucky Mental Health Care offers reliable therapy and counseling services for emotional well-being.

Our counselors are very patient and friendly and they understand the kind of emotional and psychological support you need and design a therapy plan for you to address the psychological issue you might have.

According to recent survey half of the adults in the USA suffer from mental health disorders in their lifetime, so it’s very important to take some time off from your routine and get an assessment done. If you are busy with your schedule, our therapists and counselors can meet you at your office, home or at your child’s school. 

Why Should you go for Therapy & Counseling?

Mental illness can become worse if left untreated which may lead to serious issues that would negatively impact your lifestyle drastically. 

During a therapy or counseling session, our doctors try to strike a dialogue with you to understand your mental state and provide a wellness plan to get you back to normal.

Here are a few reasons why you should go for Psychiatric therapy & counseling:

  • Stay happy and joyful
  • Be more efficient at work
  • Get better at your relationships
  • Reduce social isolation and stay active
  • Resolve your personal issues with ease & More…

Why Kentucky Mental Health Care?

Kentucky Mental Health Care is one of the top mental health service providers in Louisville. KY. We are the best for a lot of reasons and a few reasons why you should choose KMHC:

  • We accept Medicaid
  • Free roundtrip rides to the appointments 
  • Top Multi-speciality mental health provider in Louisville, KY
  • We work on Saturdays too  
  • Well experienced doctors
  • Offering services at 2 locations

Locations We Serve

We currently serve in the following locations:

Office 1: 5115 South 3rd Street Louisville, KY 40214

Office 2: 1939 Goldsmith Lane – Suite 249 Louisville, KY 40218

Office 3: 1939 Goldsmith Lane – Suite 143 Louisville, KY 40218