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Telehealth Psychiatry Services

Telehealth Online Services

Many times we have heard it said that the internet has transformed modern life? Indeed it’s probably changed how you stay in touch with family and friends, purchase goods and services, and even search for information about health problems.

Telehealth psychiatry is the use of digital information and communication technologies, such as computers and mobile devices, to access psychiatric services remotely and manage your mental health. These can be technologies you use from home or that your doctor uses to improve or support health care services.

Kentucky Mental Health Care provides Telehealth psychiatry services to those clients who are unable to make it into our offices. With new Medicaid regulations, you can get medication, therapy, and social assistance, all without ever leaving your home or worrying about transportation.

What is telehealth psychiatry?

Tele psychiatry is the facility to access psychiatric care through the assistance of electronic devices. The telehealth psychiatry service offered to you will allow you to have a medical appointment with a psychiatrist through secure and interactive video equipment. You will be able to speak in real-time with the psychiatrist during your appointment, the same as a traditional visit.

What is the purpose of telehealth psychiatry?

The goals of telehealth psychiatry are to:

  • Make mental health care available to people who live in isolated or rural communities.
  • Make services more readily available or convenient for people with limited mobility, time, or transportation options.
  • Provide access to psychiatrists, therapists, and psychologists.
  • Improve coordination and communication of care among members of a mental health care team and a patient.
  • Provide support for self-management of mental health care.

Technology is revolutionizing many areas, and the mental health sector is no exception! With this in mind, Kentucky Mental health Care wishes to enable the population to benefit from the opportunities offered by the development of new technologies.

Through secure communication, depending on your reason for consulting, you can quickly obtain expert psychiatric advice, certain prescriptions if necessary, or a referral to see a specialist, all without having to see a doctor in person.

How does the telepsychiatric service offered by Kentucky Mental Health Care work?

One of our health and customer service consultants will validate with one of our psychiatrists that telehealth occupational therapy service is clinically justified and can meet your specific condition.

An appointment will be confirmed. You will receive a link by email for you to connect by secure communication with a psychiatrist at the time of your appointment. You will have an optimal consultation that is serious and personalized to your condition.

Our telehealth therapy services allow you to obtain the advice of an experienced psychiatrist, certain prescriptions if necessary, or even a referral to consult a specialist.

This service is offered through secure messaging and video conferencing as needed, that is, without having to meet with a psychiatrist in person.

This approach helps reduce trips and clinic wait times, to provide you with more quality time at work and home.

Why choose Kentucky Mental health Care?

Our psychiatrists and counselors have extensive experience in various settings, developed over several years of practice. Also, our cognitive behavioral therapy online service includes the support of our health – medicine, therapy, or assistance advisor. This particularly experienced person listens to your requests to offer attentive and most personalized service.

The Kentucky Mental Health Care team is confident that they can provide you with superior service, aimed at ensuring that our patients receive the mental health care they need, when and where they want it.

Customized service, available seven days a week. Quick response to your queries during business hours. Contact us and get a psychiatrist’s opinion quickly with our telehealth psychiatry service. A technological solution to quickly obtain rapid psychiatric advice without having to travel.

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