Targeted Case Managment Program Development

For those interested in growing the revenue of their private practice, or for larger entities that aren’t utilizing this Medicaid-funded program to its full potential (or at all), we offer a spectrum of related developmental supports. The three basic tiers we offer are listed below; keep in mind, we offer an a la carte program to fit just about anyone’s needs – call or email us today to learn more about how we can help you expand your brand and increase your income.

Full TCM Program development
This level of support involves our own Executive-Level Targeted Case Managers working as 1099 contractors on-site in order to create our proven model and instill an environment of streamlined success from within. This tier also includes the hiring, development, and support of as many case managers as you need to keep the program we create functioning at an elite level.
We offer full development packages ranging from 1-to-6 months

Hiring, Training, and Support
This tier employs our executive team in order to find the best candidates for the position, train them, and offer the development and support needed to ensure compliance with state regulations and maximum clients billed per month.
This package is offered from 1-to-6 months

Training and Support
If you’ve already hired your own case managers, we’ll come in and assist with further training, development, and support in order to increase revenue and improve performance.
This package is available from a one-time training, up to 6-months of support and development

Again, we are happy to design custom programs to suit your needs – use these tiers as starting points and contact us to discuss your individual ideas and needs.

*View our TCM Development Proposal 

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