Troubled minds responding to mental illness

Troubled minds responding to mental illness

A troubled mind is the other way to report the mental illness. The ratio is increasing, but our society is still hesitant to admit the importance of management. Every one in four individuals is having mental problems, and each year, the number of patients is increasing tremendously.  

Pathology in every part of the body is noticeable, either physiological, biological, or psychological. The plus part of physiological or biological problems is that they can be checked through tests and scans. On the other hand, there is no authentication to psychological problems. This vagueness mark questions in its existence, but this is not enough to deny its importance.  

A general point of view.

People who are suffering from mental illnesses fall into different categories. Some are those who accept its existence, and others deny it. The former party understands the existence of the problem, people suffering from it, the consequences, and the need for treatment regardless of the fact they are facing this problem or not. 

The later party denies it to every end regardless of the fact they are facing some psychological issues. At the same time, some people have a mental illness but disagree with its existence. They reject the fact they have it, and so for the treatment, societal stigmatization may be the cause behind it.

Existence of psychological problems.

There is no question about the presence of psychological problems nowadays. This area gets enrich with studies, researches, and evidence that are enough to prove. It took a lot of exertion and time to take psychological problems into account. Socrates was the one who talked about mental problems for the first time. Later philosophers passed their thinking and different views over time. 

The historical perspective of madness is very dark and conspiring. This field took a lot more time than other fields of science for recognition. Syria was the first country that recognized the importance of mental illness and established hospitals for patients suffering from this particular problem.  

Later on, observations were made, and then people started realizing the importance of mental problems. Neurologists began working on this domain. After getting the proper attention, it came out as a separate field of science. Now students are majoring in this field, and several pieces of research are being published every year. 

Nowadays, experts use an integrated approach where specialists from different domains make up a treatment plan to help people suffering from mental health problems. For example, psychologists, psychiatrists, nutritionists, and neurologists work together and plan treatment for the patients in rehabilitation centers.

Causes of mental illness.

Back in time, people believed that mentally ill persons have evil possessions, or they are the devil. In some religions, the explanation of this problem was “God’s punishment.” When God is angry and wants to punish people, He makes them this way.

But with the passing time, these assumptions were proved to be wrong. The trend changed, and the scientists claimed the scientific explanation of the problems.

The causes have been explained based on thorough research and vast observations. Several factors can cause mental illness. These problems may run in genes and pass onto the other generations. The chances of having a psychological problem get doubled if it is found in genes. It appears in the second-generation if it gets permissive in the first generation. The other biological causes are cousin marriages, inheritance, genetic formation, chemical imbalance, family history, and injury to the head or psychological trauma.

Early life occurrences play an important role in generating psychological issues. The environment also contributes a lot. A healthy and sound environment reduces the risk of having psychological issues. Where a child gets his emotional, social, emotional, safety and other basic biological needs fulfill and have caretakers who love him and support him. 

Later life experiences may direct to psychological problems. Brain injury, some traumatic events, and hormonal imbalance may cause psychological problems. Girls are more prone to have psychological issues such as depression due to the menstrual cycle.  

Social factors are also important and have a part in generating some psychological issues. People from low economic status are more on the verge than people from high socio-economic status. Other social factors are peer group, family relations, home environment, parenting style, and relation with teachers, class fellows, and neighbors. 

Substance use and abuse may become the reason. People who have a high dependency on alcohol or other substances are less likely to feel emotions than others. Their dependency is maintained for the specific substance level, and they need substance to feel pleasure or encouraged. Continuity in this habit may lead to some severe psychological issues.

It has been seen that mothers using a substance in pregnancy or having food deficiency may lead to child problems. The serious medical problem is also alarming for mental health. For instance, depression is common in cancer patients.  

How to cope with the problem.

The major concern after diagnoses of mental problems is the management. Having difficulties is a part of life. If you are facing a problem, talk with your friend, and seek professional help. One needs to be cautious and accept the problem. Seek professional help and follow the treatment plan. It is a formal way to deal with a psychological issue. If you are meeting someone else emotionally or psychologically disturbed, don’t hesitate to help them.

The informal way to deal with the problem is to choose a healthy lifestyle. As it will help keep you away from diseases.

A psychologically ill person needs love and affection rather than medication. It is our duty as a good citizen, a friend, a helping family member, and a professional to provide support and care to the one looking for it.  

We can stay active and vigorous by choosing a healthy lifestyle. Set a healthy diet plan that provides nutrients, go for exercise, make good friends, choose healthy habits, take a break from a tough routine, and go after your dream. These are the few tips to stay away from any psychological issue.

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